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Always Look Before You Buy

There’s not much in life that we would buy blind and that’s no different in choosing a bathroom.


And although it’s great to get some ideas from magazines and online suppliers, you can’t beat a visual inspection.


So, if you are thinking of ripping out that eighties bathroom and replacing it all with some new designer bathroom, at some point you should visit a showroom.


The best advice about how to choose a new car is to simply look at all the cars around you. You may be off on a long drive or just sitting outside watching the traffic go by. But this way you’ll get to notice a particular make and model and sometimes colour as well.

When you have decided on the one you want to buy you’ll then find a showroom and book a test drive.



You can’t test drive a bathroom but you can go to some bathroom showrooms Surrey or even some bathroom showrooms London.


Take the dimensions of your existing bathroom so that the salesman or proprietor of the showroom will suggest what will and what will not fit in those measurements.

Heating is an important part of the complete plan. There is not much worse than having a luxurious bathroom but a freezing atmosphere on a miserable winter’s morning.

If the bathroom is very compact then you might get away with a large electric heated towel rail. Otherwise it might have to be a radiator connected to the home’s central heat system.


But even if that radiator is connected to the central heating, when we shut down the system for the alleged British summer, an electric towel rail operating independently keeps the edge off the room.


It also dries towels and helps prevent damp that may occur especially with shower rooms. Today it’s possible to buy a large wall mounted mirror that is also a radiator. An excellent combination and particularly so when the glass is resistant to condensation.


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A Bathroom To Launge About In

When a bathroom is big enough it can be much more than a place to wash and more a place to totally chill.


For a stunning bathroom fit to lounge in there has to be some extra furniture in addition to the usual set of W.C, bath, shower and sink. An antique comfortable armchair with maybe a footstool along with a small table with a few books or magazines adds to the ambiance.


An important aspect to making this a warm and comfortable room is the lighting.



Thoughtful lighting can make any room that much more special. And soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day whilst listening to some music can be the most relaxing experience.


Sooth away the strain with some salts in the bath and you could easily believe you’re in a luxury spa. Designer bathrooms London, designer bathrooms Putney are as important as a perfect kitchen.


Both these rooms take a bit of planning and a great deal of imagination. The best way to get inspired is to view as many luxury examples as possible.


There are plenty of home and garden types of magazines displaying all the latest trends. Just as there is a mass of information on the internet.


Clearly the bigger the bathroom the better but if that luxury is not available it still shouldn’t put you off making as much of what you have as possible.


The old trick of mirrors can help at least create the illusion of greater space. A whole wall of mirror can appear to double the size of the room. And here it’s important to get the anti-condensation glass as steam in a bathroom can quickly cloud the conventional mirror.


If you’re planning a newly refurbished bathroom in a small room it may be that no bath but a complete wet room with one of the latest showers is the best option.


Many people prefer showers and they take up far less room than a bathtub. So think of a luxury bathroom more like a luxury shower room.